Authentic pasta dishes are made daily in our kitchen

Mushroom salad

Mediterannean inspired salads delights vegetarians

Peter is classically trained Cordon Bleu Cook and Viv is front of house to ensure that the cuisine is presented with a warm and proud country charm. The well-balanced menu is chalked up on a blackboard and changes according to the seasons and whims of the small kitchen brigade.  The extensive herb garden ensures that the flavours of this fresh and generous food tantalises even the most seasoned palate. The dishes are cooked with care and the simple presentation belies the often complex cooking of the sauces.As much as possible of the produce is obtained locally, and whenever practical, is organic.

There are Mediterranean Inspired Vegetarian Dishes, (not Vegan), that delight even hardened carnivores. While innovative offal dishes such as kidneys, tongue or liver are popular. …….


The extensive herb garden ensures that the flavours of this fresh and generous food tantalises…

ice cream

Churned ice cream and sorbets using wonderful combinations of lemon balm,elder flowers or “real” liquor.

Authentic Pasta Dishes learnt on cooking trips to Italy, are made daily, and along with the Beef Carpaccio, are rumoured to be the best on the Garden Route.
The desserts are so good that it is not unusual for a patron to structure their meal around the pudding, be it the bread and butter pudding, the crème brulee or the ice creams and sorbets, churned using wonderful combinations of lemon balm, elder flowers or “real” liquorice. The reasonably priced WINE LIST has won a Platinum Award and reflects Peter and Viv’s love and interest in Wine.

CONTACT US FOR BOOKINGS – 044 386 0005 (Please no email bookings as we have fire damage and it is not always possible to receive emails). 

Dinner: Tuesday to Saturday night from 6.30pm. Closed Sundays and Mondays.